Monday, 7 June 2010

Breaking my Blogger Virginity

This afternoon, as I was wandering up and down the street trying to find a shop that sold what I was after, I got chatting to a man who was heading in the same direction. It turns out that he is a journalist, and, amongst other suggestions he cheekily made, starting a blog was one of them. When I was much younger, I used Livejournal, and kept at it for years. But that was just angsty ramblings about a teenager's life. We've all done it. But whilst at uni, "blog" became a bit of a buzz word, and I never really understood why, until this mysterious stranger explained the benefits. I don't have to whine about boyfriends and work to keep a blog. I can keep a blog with the intention of collecting all my published work in one place, and this is what I am going to do. I hope to post all of my published work on here by the end of this week: I'd love to get on and do it now, but I am trying to live the life of a film journalist, and I have film reviews to write. So, until the next time, which shouldn't be too far away, adios.

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