Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Q&A: Oddball Studio

Written for Imagine magazine April 2010.

Oddball Studios

“Sanity is a madness put to good use”: identical twin brothers Sam and Peter Foster’s ethos is summed up by the toilet door inscription on the grotesquely chaotic Oddball-Studio’s website. The Wigan-based duo caught up with us to talk about the method in their madness, the inspiration behind their surrealism and to give us a glimpse of their latest project.

What is Oddball-Studios about?
Oddball-Studios is a website name and was intended to describe the bizarre twists to that of a normal world. The style of the creations are very much inspired from the 90's era of children's cartoons such as the creator John Kricfalusi known for Ren and Stimpy. Most of our past animations are done using 'cut-out' or pose animation techniques but we are now looking into traditional 2D animation for our future projects [see pictures].

So tell us about your own animation background.
We have loved animation since we realised we could make flipbook animations in our school textbooks and the interest of computer technology has steered us towards the creation of digital content. We have done freelance work in the past and have incorporated the animations into student projects, but the influence of Oddball-Studios is a hobby still in its infancy.

What inspired the creation of Oddball-Studios?
Anything that is surreal and unusual really. To be more specific, some of our huge influences are the works of Salvador Dali, George Dunning's Yellow Submarine, Richard Williams, Vince Collins and also the forward thinking ideas of scientists and visionaries.

What was the “impossible surreal and shocking cartoon” your eyes were drawn to, as described on your website?
Definitely George Dunning's Yellow Submarine, it was possibly the founding inspiration of how fresh and innovative a world could be. We believe this to have made a big impact on us having watched it at an early age. If you like surrealism, it’s worth a watch.

Where do you see Oddball-Studios going in the future?
We couldn’t say for certain, it was an experiment of our potential and if it does well it could become so big you could get lost in it. But even if the project is unsuccessful and dies out, the hunger for a new vision of interaction and innovation will remain with us. We only need to be positive towards technologies to realise the possible potential and thrills of the cartoon environment in the future. When we think about what could be implemented into today’s technology it acts as a drive to get our ideas into the world so that one day we make our visions an experience for everyone.

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