Thursday, 19 August 2010

Grillstock Overview

Written for Venue, June 2010


If you spot smoke signals coming from the Waterfront, don’t panic. Leave your white vests and cans of lager at home and make way for the professionals; Grillstock is a two day barbeque spanning 17th – 18th July.

In a weekend-long competition, grill-chefs from around the UK gather to impress and excite judges and punters alike in their battle for the King of the Grill trophy. If their culinary skills inspire you, you can take part in Grillstock’s BBC Academy, which is free to ticket holders. Each forty-five minute class specialises in various aspects of the art of grilling, all taught by experts in the field.

Accompanied by over 130 stands exhibiting local food and drink – not to mention a wealth of free samples – you’ll be dancing away at the live music stage on a very full stomach.

Children under sixteen admitted for free, adult tickets from £4.

Grillstock Lloyds Amphitheatre, Waterfront, Bristol. Ffi:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Promo journalism: Clifton Medi Spa for Folio

Published in Folio magazine, June 2010.

Clifton Medi Spa

If summer means sweltering away in mid-day heat wrapped in a jumper and boots, or if you seem to be spending a fortune trying to find that miracle foundation, you’ve probably got a few imperfections to hide. Surgery is a drastic option, but there are other means. Clifton Medi Spa could be the ticket to a cooler, care-free summer and a healthier bank-account. Specialists in “non-surgical Cosmetic and Health Treatments”, they offer a “highly professional skilled environment” to satisfy your health and beauty concerns.

The company recognises the daunting and often unnecessary prospect of going under the knife. “We don’t do surgery, it’s non-invasive,” emphasises owner and podiatrist Eirian Jones. “We have leaders in the field of Sculptra and we offer a complete range of Skinceutical and Agerax products”, which means that you can smooth out those creases, revitalise your skin or repair scar tissue without the risks of surgery.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Journalism: Book Reviews

Primary Times, June-July 2010.

The Babysitters Club: The Summer Before

176 million readers can’t be wrong. The Summer Before is a lively account of how three girls find friendship through a simple hobby: babysitting. When new girl Stacey arrives on the scene, the trio soon hear of her own enthusiasm for watching over youngsters. Four girls, one passion and masses of motivation can mean only one thing: the beginnings of the Babysitters Club. Kirsty Thomas takes the reader through a fun and energetic account of a summer of discovery and camaraderie in this engaging summer read.

The Babysitters Club: The Summer Before by Ann M Martin is published by Scholastic in paperback. £5.99.

Warning! Aliens are Invading the School!

Playing on every schoolboy’s fantasy, Warning! Aliens are Invading the School! gets the imagination going and the belly laughing.