Sunday, 21 November 2010

Online Music Journalism: Port Erin - I'll be on the Common album review

Port Erin
Port Erin

Port Erin - I'll be on the Common

They might be named after a town on the ‘Lonely Isle’ of Man, but Port Erin kick off ‘I’ll Be On The Common’ in a seemingly deliberate attempt to quash that association. Starting at one place and ending at a completely different one, streetwise bass and ubiquitous drums take listeners on a journey through urban, ska-inspired alleyways before wielding to pastures gentle and melodic in surrender to their Manx namesake. If you were to close your eyes, the opening tracks of the trio’s debut might take you to the lonely pavements of a dirty concrete jungle in the middle of a drizzly night. Edgy and atmospheric and maybe even a little uncomfortable, you’d never guess that the same band came up with the warm summery tunes that the album concludes with.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Online Music Journalism: Avon Calling 2 album review

Published on live-music-scene, Aug 2010
Various - Avon Calling 2

Various - Avon Calling 2

When John Peel describes an album as “truly superb, the compilation that all others should be judged by”, people prick up their ears. They know that they need to listen. This was the first ‘Avon Calling’ record, a Bristolian compilation put together in 1979, designed to Bristol on the musical map.

Heartbeat Records was the driving force behind the project, laying claim to being Bristol’s first independent record label. Now, their archives have been raided by Bristol Archive Records and ‘Avon Calling 2’ is being released in recognition and celebration of hidden gems that have been locked in the vaults for over thirty years.

Prose: Paragraph Planet: Rest in the Summer

Featured on front page 10th July 2010

Rest in the Summer

It takes persistence, patience and perseverance,
but every effort is worth it. The warmth that
soaks into my skin and the breeze that sweeps
over my body finally lull me into complete
relaxation. After constantly battling the
temptation of idleness, I am learning to let go.
I fearlessly reject those nagging, festering
guilt trips that rule my day. I am sinking into
the earth, dancing with the wind and laughing
with the sun. 

Prose: Paragraph Planet: I Love Cake

Feature on front page Dec 26th 2009

I Love Cake

I've given in to my craving. I'm not hungry,
just weak. My teeth sink into the cocoa sponge,
springy and soft. It dissolves over my tongue,
washes over my gums. My bite is challenged by
joyful chunks of solid chocolate; diamonds in a
treasure chest. The secret sound as they break
into countless pieces vibrates through my jaw
before they melt into a memory. I'm guilty
before it's completely over. But i'm satisfied.  

Friday, 19 November 2010

Prose: Paragraph Planet: Waking

Featured on front page 4th Oct 2009

A distant, electronic melody creeps into my mind
and stirs me. Sleep weighs heavy, bearing down
on me, on my eyes. Dreams cling to the inside of
my head like dew, and I try to grasp them as if
I were a traveller trekking through desert,
dying of thirst. They escape me though. I try to
chase them, but it’s too late; lost for another
day. Already, I look forward to laying my head
down tonight.