Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Online Music Journalism: COMEG - Touched with Fire album review

COMEG - Touched by Fire

Comeg - Touched With Fire

By Robyn Simmons

The opening science fiction sound effects on ‘Face Away’ may lure you into expectations of Hawkwind or Doctor Who’s tardis, but don’t be fooled. Comeg is not an experimental prog rock venture; rather, they are a cool, confident trio who exude poise and self-assurance. ‘Touched With Fire’ is frontman Coemgen Savage’s seventh album and it shows. With a mature sound that radiates wisdom, Savage easily convinces the listener that he has lived through what he writes. Earthy, driven and grounded, ‘Touched With Fire’ is a good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll album, somehow trustworthy and reliable.

Once the electronics of ‘Fade Away’ do exactly what it says on the tin, ‘Breathe With Me’ introduces the album more truthfully. With the essence of Iggy Pop and Bowie, it playfully flirts with catchy tunes and wheeling guitar that remain throughout the entire CD. Saturated with flavours of U2, Comeg certainly has an air of familiarity about them; to some that may prove boring, but to others it all forms part of their timeless appeal.

‘Touched With Fire’ is accessible and contagious without being cheesy, striking the ideal balance that so many bands miss. ‘The Sound of Fear’ is full of enough attitude to have your gran swaggering across the room for a bourbon on the rocks before Savage falls back to earth and broods over life’s obstacles in ‘The Light is Bright’. ‘Soul Without Soul’ is potentially as anthemic as ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ and would doubtless have clubs of revellers happily wailing along if only Comeg were to be snapped up by a record label. In fact, to listen to ‘Touched With Fire’, you would never suspect that it had been produced by an independent musician who began recording eight years ago in his Devonshire basement. Clearly the School of Home Studio paid off as each beat of the drum, strum of the guitar and thud of the bass is so crisp, George Martin himself could have produced it. What’s more, this album along with the previous six releases is all available for free from the band’s website,; who said that quality costs?

‘Touched With Fire’ is one of those safe, dependable albums whose pounding rhythms and powerful riffs will enthuse anyone lucky enough to stumble across Coemgen and his band.

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